Sep 15, 2011

Horse of the Month!

Every month we tally up the votes our guests have put into our "Horse of the Month" box to determine the winner.

This special horse gets a bubble bath, an extra treat and a visit with Rene Noriega, an equine body worker.

Equine body work involves sports massage to improve flexibility and range of muscle motion. It also helps to improve circulation and reduce tension in muscles and joints. And above all the horses love it!

Rene was certified as an Equine Body Worker in 2005 after over a year of research into equine physical therapy. He has been around horses and rodeo all of his life and developed his skills working with Bucking Horses in Rodeo and some of the Bucking Bulls for the PBR.

Rene has fabulous credentials and has worked on horses for people in the WPRA, PRCA, PBR and many more. He has recently picked up a contract working on the Mules at the Grand Canyon.

We are always excited to see him and amazed by the extent of his knowlege, kindness and enthusiasm for working with our horses!