Dec 13, 2011

Horse Profile, Coyote.

Coyote is Michael and Kristin's retired Rodeo horse.

He is approxamately 30 years old, and has been at White Stallion Ranch for at least 13 years.

Coyote has such an amazing history I wanted to share it with anyone who was interested. We do not often know a horse's full history so when we do, we find it pretty exciting.

He was born and raised on a Cattle Ranch on an Indian Reservation in Montana, originally raised to be a Rodeo Bucking Horse, He was so good at it he made champion in Montana for 4+ years and also for 3+ years in the All Indian Association in Montana.

They also taught him to Rope - heading/heeling/calf roping and also to be a hazing horse for Bulldogging. (see top picture)

In 1991/2 a friend of the True family, Jeff Frizzell, bought Coyote from the boy that owned him to be his personal rodeo horse. He was told "this horse will do anything but bulldog. When you jump off him he kicks and he never misses!" Jeff hauled Coyote all over the U.S. rodeoing and his wife Virginia also won a 4D barrel race on him.

Jeff and Coyote also starred in movies together; Blue Moon with Kris Kristofferson being the most renowned.

In 1999, Jeff sold Coyote to Michael as a roping horse for Kristin and he has been here ever since.

As amazing as he is (it is not often we come across a horse that displays so much talent and versitility), Coyote has earned his retirement here at the ranch and is living out the rest of his life with his best buddy Wildcat in peace and quiet.