Nov 15, 2013

Doggies Doggies everywhere.

In the next few series of blogs I'm going to talk about the dogs of White Stallion Ranch.

Ill start with the most recent... Noche.

Laura found Noche at a rescue who had set up camp in a pet store. She is a year and a half, 13lbs, and some sort of terrier mix. She has blended into the household nicely and has only had 4 escape attempts.
Her story in brief is that she was bought as a puppy for a lady by her boyfriend. When they broke up the boyfriend kept calling the lady threatening to kill the dog. The lady was so afraid that she gave the dog to the rescue. They had her for 4 months because no body wanted her (we have no idea why) and then Laura fell in love with that face. 

Noche is very friendly and loves attention.

Apr 9, 2013

Always exciting times

It has been a while since this blog went out. And this is just a quick update one some of the happenings here at the ranch. We had a fabulous Easter, lots of guests, new and repeat, lots of fun. Michael and Kristin have adopted a new dog. His name is Ned and he is a part lab, part Shepard all the way from Kuwait. At 5 years old Ned spent nearly all of his life in a kennel. His mother was a U.S. military service dog who was denied the right to come home because she was pregnant by another service dog. shortly after Ned was born his mother died unexpectedly and he was the sole survivor of the litter. Ned was hand raised by a facility in Kuwait but they could not get him adopted out because traditionally Kuwaitis do not adopt large dogs (Ned weighs in at 75lbs). After a long journey home with flight delays and weather he made into the ranch with his handler for the journey, Phil. Phil spent about 4 days with us and Ned helping him adjust to all the sights and sounds of the ranch which we can imagine must have been pretty overwhelming for him at first. Now Phil has gone and Ned is home with all of M+K's other dogs and is settling in well.

Kristin has also found the horse she has always wanted... A Norwegian Fjord horse. A gelding named Lasse and he is from New Hampshire