Nov 15, 2013

Doggies Doggies everywhere.

In the next few series of blogs I'm going to talk about the dogs of White Stallion Ranch.

Ill start with the most recent... Noche.

Laura found Noche at a rescue who had set up camp in a pet store. She is a year and a half, 13lbs, and some sort of terrier mix. She has blended into the household nicely and has only had 4 escape attempts.
Her story in brief is that she was bought as a puppy for a lady by her boyfriend. When they broke up the boyfriend kept calling the lady threatening to kill the dog. The lady was so afraid that she gave the dog to the rescue. They had her for 4 months because no body wanted her (we have no idea why) and then Laura fell in love with that face. 

Noche is very friendly and loves attention.