Sep 19, 2014

Hello, my name is Yankee.

Hello, my name is Yankee. I have lived at White Stallion Ranch for 15 years and I am nearly 30 years old.
I worked very hard for the ranch carrying guests for many years which is a job that I really enjoyed, especially towards the end of my career when I carried kids. My favorite past-time was team penning with a kid on my back. I could run so fast down the arena and when I chased the cows I felt like I was a professional rodeo horse! 
Now I am retired and the ranch said that because I worked so hard and was loved by so many people I could spend the rest of my life here with my best friend Bronco just eating and hanging out with the herd. Sometimes people look at me and say that because I am skinny I must be unhealthy or neglected. I am not. I have more food than I can finish and a superb health plan that is probably better than a lot of people in America. The summer months are a little hard on me because I have to burn a lot of calories to stay cool. But I am not unhappy. The wranglers regularly scratch me and Gry the herd manager chats with me every day about what I want for my second breakfast as I have been known to be picky about my grain. Anyway, I plan on enjoying my retirement until my time to go to greener pastures comes, but until then I wanted to say hi to everybody and remind you all to always have cookies in your pockets incase our trails meet.