Oct 8, 2012

New look dining room

What we now know as White Stallion Ranch began its life in 1900 as a cattle ranch. Today's main dining room and kitchen were once the main/ only ranch house.

In 1940 when the Zimmerman's first turned the ranch into a Guest Ranch the main building became a dining room and kitchen plus one guest room. The rooms that we now call the Sunrise and Sunset dining rooms were where Max and his wife lived. Then they later became guest rooms and in the past 15 years they have changed functions from being a gift shop, business office, and now dining rooms.


In 1965 the Trues bought the ranch and took out the first guest room to make more dining space.

The main dining room was the first major renovation the Trues ever did and the space has been virtually untouched since.



Oddly enough the dining room has been given an older look. The walls are darker, the ceiling is now Saguaro Ribs each one individually put up, brickwork has been removed in favour of an archway that is more consistent of the building's structure. The window in the west side of the building is gone and been replaced by a niche with a bronze. And the smaller archway to the buffethas gone to make room for another table.

The Sunset and Sunrise rooms have also been given a makeover.

We love the new look and hope you will come and enjoy it with us!

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  1. Finally had a chance to look at these on a bigger screen....can't wait to see it in person soon. Ya'll were working on it during my May visit. Like that some of the long tables have been broken up and turned differently, a little more intimate for smaller groups. Also see a sitting area as you enter now, nice job, but you always do a nice job.