Mar 4, 2014

Hay hay hay!

Sometimes I get asked... "How much hay can you fit in the barn?"

Approximately 407 tonnes. Is the answer Steven, Gry and I worked it out the other day.

The following question normally is... "What does a bale cost?" 

We don't buy by the bale, we buy by the ton so $285.00 per ton.

This led us to figure out a few other things...

Here are a few stats on our hay consumption (well our horses hay consumption).

407 Tons of hay goes in the barn,
815,200 lbs of hay,
1 bale is about 100lbs,
8152 bales of hay in the barn.

76 bales of hay can be moved by a "squeeze" machine in one stack,
8 of these stacks fits on one semi-truck,
14 trucks fill our barn.

We have 150 horses,
We feed 1 1/2 tons of hay a day,
547 1/2 tons of hay are fed a year,
The full barn lasts 266 days.

Last time we bought hay we paid $285.00 per ton,
That's $427.50 spent on hay we feed a day,
We spend approx $156,037.00 per year on hay.

We feed a lot of mouths.

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