Feb 23, 2011

Half Day Rides

In answer to a question we received...

We do still do Half Day Rides, typically on a Wednesday we go into Javelina Canyon in the Saguaro National Park. This is a fast ride, the majority of the loping is done on the ranch and then the ride passes though Lazy K and into the National Park. The canyon itself is not steep but it is rocky, the horses pick their way through boulders. It is a beautiful ride with many Saguaros and occasionally some Javelina are spotted.

The other Half Day Ride is the Perimeter Ride typically done on a Friday afternoon. This also is a fast ride. The trail stays as close as we can to the perimeter of the ranch but all the time staying on property, we go close to the Mine, close to the Saguaro National Park, and take a quick break at the wine and cheese ride site before riding home.

Both rides take approx 3 1/2 hours and are for comfortable riders.

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