Feb 11, 2011

Horses are amazing!

As a Guest Ranch horses have always been central to our way of life and they never cease to amaze us. They have a unique ability to assess us without being judgemental, to work hard for us without complaint, look after us and understand our needs better than any human ever can or will. By remaining unchanged horses change us.

It is becoming apparant to us that more and more people are recognising this, we are seeing more clinics come to the ranch and the changing roles that horses have.

This month alone we have had two clinics, the first; Wisdom Horse Coaching - a group that does Equine Guided Education. http://www.wisdomhorsecoaching.com This retreat helped women create their own "Path of Beauty" or "Live the life that we are here to live". They state on their website that they use horses because "Horses are non-judgemental, honest mirrors." They know when we are angry or anxious, they know when we are excited or happy. By reflecting how we are, horses enable us to understand what is within us and often make changes for the better.

Our second clinic was with Kathy Pike and her Coaching with Horses clinic. http://www.coachingwithhorses.com Kathy teaches people to become part of the herd and how to become more "emotionally, physically and mentally aware". By understanding the instinctual nature of horses, people can be empowered.

"When I was present the horse was with me step for step, when my mind wandered from the present the horse was gone. this experience helped me understand that if I make a conscious effort to be present in my body I am then in control..." Steve, Canada.

Horses have gone from being "Beasts of Burden" to an animal that can help and guide us to being better human beings. By remaining instinctual and basically unchanged, horses have fundamentally changed positions. And are now viewed very differently from how they once were.
Panadero at the Ranch Feb 2010.

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  1. A very interesting article. What do you intend to use this blog for? A question from me (cannot find it at the website): Last year you had 1/2 day rides. Is it still an option and at what day of the week?