Jan 20, 2012

Dude Ranchers Convention 2012.

It is the greatest gathering of Dude Ranching minds! For 86 years the convention has been held annually. Typically it moves locations year to year, this year it is being in Cody WY. It is a wonderful opportunity for learning, growth and discovery and also to share experiences and new ideas.

We also use the time to honor our members who have contributed to the association. This year Russell presented Bob Cote from Tanque Verde Ranch a trophy belt buckle as an award for him being entered into the Dude Rancher's hall of fame. His name now resides there with Russell and Michael's parent's names.

The Dude Rancher's Association was founded in 1926 when Ranchers, railroad officials and national park officials attended a two-day event to discuss the five objectives set forth:

1. Establish cooperation among ranchers and railroad officials
2. Discuss the transportation and proper care of guests
3. Create advertising and publicity for the association.
4. Standardize practices
5. Create an efficient sales organization

Having agreed to all five objectives, the ranchers then added a sixth - the organized protection of fish and game.

The Dude Rancher's Association is the governing body of the West's Dude Ranch industry. Created in 1926, it provides an organized structure for members, in which they are able to exchange ideas and experiences in an effort to uphold the highest quality of services within the industry. The Association promotes the western ranch vacation, while continuing to build a strong working relationship with Federal and State land agencies in order to preserve and protect parks, forests and wildlife.

White Stallion Ranch has been a member of the association since 1990 and Russell has elected as President of the Association two different times. His one of only two people to have achieved this and we are very proud of him, his service to our ranch and also to the Association.

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