May 10, 2012

First Colt!

Everybody loves baby things! We are very proud to announce the birth of Steven True's horse's first baby! He is a healthy baby boy palomino in color with two white stockings/socks on his rear feet!
11 months ago we took Kachina (the mare) to our horse trader's place in Eloy to be bred to his Thoroughbred stud. Originally we had wanted to breed her to his Quarterhorse stud but the mare does not have the best feet and neither does his Quarterhorse, so, we ended up going for the Thoroughbred. A little history on both parents... Kachina is from the Navajo reservation here in Arizona and Steven bought her from our trader when she was 2 years old for $400.00. She was a little bit of a handful when he first started her but eventually she decided that she liked Steven well enough and that it was ok for him to ride her. Ever since that moment she has liked only Steven and will do anything he asks of her. The best example I have of this is the day he took her to a mounted shooting clinic and after three gunshots she no longer cared and after two hours they were loping around the course shooting balloons.
The stallion is called Tronaire and is a Chilean racehorse. He won a breeders cup race at the Goldengate track in California I think in 2004 or 2006.
The baby was born on the 25th of April at 9:30pm and he is gorgeous!He has already met his new owner - David True, Steven's brother.
We are currently awaiting the birth of our next baby. This one will be from one of our Clydesdale mares. Very exciting things happening at the ranch!

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  1. Absolutely adorable and I can't wait to see him soon, as well as those draft babies. Great pictures.